6 Insanely Smart Garden Hacks That Will Save You Time And Money

Gardening is a great past time, and doctors say that it’s actually a very healthy activity.

Gardening has a way of taking the stress off, and it reminds us of the simplicity of life. Getting back to nature, even in small ways, like growing your own herb garden pays off.

Here are a few ways to liven up your gardening experience that we’re sure you’ll enjoy!

1. Use muffin tins for planting

Measuring dirt, and spacing out where you’re going to dig can be tedious to say the least. If you like to keep your planting in as much of a straight line as possible, then using muffin tins will definitely help you achieve that!

2. Use old bottles to create paths

If you have young children, then you know they like to explore everywhere, which is great! However, you probably don’t want them exploring right on top of your plants that right now are indistinguishable from weeds. Use old bottles to create fun pathways that tell people where to walk.

3.Use a hammer and old spoons to create plant markers

Even a seasoned gardener can have a hard time telling the plants and herbs apart. To keep them separated you can hammer flat old spoons and then paint them with the appropriate names!

4. Use old oil or wine bottles to hydrate your plants

Even those of us with the best intentions will occasionally forget to water our plants. To avoid this, fill up an old olive oil or wine bottle with water, and place it upside down next to the plant you’d like to keep hydrated. Water will naturally seep out as it’s needed, and your plant never goes thirsty!

5. Use forks to keep pesky critters out

No one wants to see their hard work in maintaining a garden ruined by critters, big or small. Place plastic forks sticking up in between your plants and they’ll be a deterrent to anything trying to creep between your rows!

6.Turn old Coke cans into pots!

While the thought of collecting old cans to turn them in for money isn’t thrilling, you can repurpose them for planting, and the pay off is way more satisfying.

Cut the tops off and paint the cans and label them for your herbs. You’ll be able use the cans season after season too.