The Perfect Hot Toddy

Someone once made me a Hot Toddy to help remedy my sore throat. I think it helped. I don’t really remember.

What I do remember is how yummy it tasted. A cold, snowy night in Colorado made for a great excuse to have one of these.

Although, you really don’t need a good excuse to make a Hot Toddy. If you want one you should definitely make one. Simple as that.


-1 ¼ oz Whiskey
-1 Cup Boiling Water
-2 Tbsp Honey
-3 Large Lemon Wedges
-8-10 Whole Cloves


1. Add whiskey and honey into a glass or mug and stir.
2. Squeeze a few lemon wedges, pour boiling water in, then mix to dissolve.
3. Insert cloves pointy side first into a lemon wedge.
4. Place gently in mug and stir.

Inspired by Free People Bldg 25